Digital Strategy to Promote Cloth Segment

Goals : To Reach Out All Segments according to their specific age groups are as follows:

Target Audience

Demographic Profile –  Men: 25-45  Women: 16-45 Kids: 2-7

Geographic Profile – Across India

Budget: 5,00,000

USP: Provide Quality Offering with reasonable rate (Slogan / Tagline)

Media used – (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, Google+, Whats App, Google Ad words, Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics)


  • target your visitor with Facebook ads to increase conversion rates.

Create Brand Page for Clothing Sector – Engage Them with Posting Clothing photos & adding different Discount Offer to Different Segment ( For Kids Free Toys Offers)

Festive Session Campaign According to Different Regions ( eg – Ganpati Festival Target Maharashtra Audience)

Daily Spend 1200 Rs on Different Post & As Well as Awareness of Brand Page

according to scenario of Target Audience – eg: All over India Only Specific Target Maharashtra, Sometime it will be only Specific to Mumbai

Some Ad Video will Be posted so that Audience will be Visually Connected with Brand

(Analysis will be done According to Weekly Insights of the Brand Page)

  • promotion campaign during holidays to increase sales and capture attention when buyers are more aware.
  • Style Guide will be posted to the visitors of Latest fashions Availability
  • Run a giveaway on Instagram to increase both brand awareness and the size of your community.
  • Social Media Context via Gifts, Coupons

Ads will be posted on Specific Time Period @ Evening timing 7.00pm to 11.00pm

Google has Connected with Games Like Candy Crush Trending games (Gamification) as ads will be posted accordingly

Apply Continuous Re Marketing Strategy

Usage of #Tags on Each and Every Post and continuous posting about Cloth Segments as well as Latest News Connecting with Cloth Brand.

Usage of #Tags on Every Trending Events and Connect it to our Brand

Usage of Keywords like CLothing,  Fashion, Style, Brand, Looks, Lifestyle

Tweeting: #Tags with Different Lifestyle Quotes and Use Poll Options

If Ads Posted use Hub & Spoke Model and post / Share accordingly

Email a reminder to people who left items in their shopping cart to increase conversion rates


Create your own website

Insert some personality, humor, and spunk into your brand.

Host or Participate in Twitter Chats










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